by Hans Quiztiansen Andersen | Last Updated: May 22, 2020

25hours Hotels?

We are looking forward to meeting active spirits with tired bodies. 25hours hotels are not merely ‘off the shelf’; they are tailored to each location.

Sometimes cool, sometimes colorful, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes mundane – 25hours hotels offer not only bed and breakfast but plenty of entertainment, surprises and fun, too.

Pub Quiz Zurich is proud to be sponsored by The British Cheese Centre and The International Comedy Club.

Their fantastic support means great prizes for quiz winners and runners-up.

British Cheese in Switzerland? Yes, why not! Great Britain is the largest producer of cheese, measured in different styles, in the world. But it is not better than Swiss cheese…… it’s different!

Discover a Secret World of Cheese at their shop in Zürich, at one of their events and tastings, or on their website.

The International Comedy Club was founded in Switzerland in 2006. Originally known as ‘Funny Laundry’, it is still ‘funny laundering’ across the country.

From the first shows in Zurich, International Comedy Club has brought the very best English speaking (and non-native English speaking, English speaking…) joke tellers and laughter makers to Basel, Lausanne, Morges, Bern, and even Geneva too!

In recent years, stand up and alternative style comedy has grown from being a niche ‘Expat’ entertainment, to general acceptance as part of the wider cultural landscape. Swiss audiences, comedians and comedy promoters, on all sides of the Röstigraben, have shown keen to step up to the plate.

Stand up and alternative comedy shows are happening in local languages and dialects across the country. The new wave of Swiss comics now feature in broadcasting and media.